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WATKINS Timeline - 411 East 66th Street
Date Site Photos Details
Started Stripping Site and Trenching Sewer Line - looking North

Setting Blue Tops - N
Setting Blue Tops - W

Initial Grading - N Compacting Utility Lines
Initial Grading - W

Grading down to sub-grade - N North line looking West
Grading down to sub-grade - W Pad looking West

Building up the pad - N NE Corner
Building up the pad - W SE Corner

Cutting the pad down - N Cutting the pad - SW corner
Cutting the pad down - W

Preparing Sub-grade - N Trenching the footings - S
Preparing Sub-grade - W Forming the curb - NW
Trenching Utility lines - E
Slab Elevations - SW

Preparing site concrete work - N Conc. Footings - W
Preparing site concrete work - W Curb poured - SW
Forming the curb - SE

Started stem-wall forms - N Finished curb - N
Started stem-wall forms - W Form installation - SW
Digging entry drive - S
Compacting Sub-grade - NW truck yard

Rain Go AWAY! A total of almost 6" of rain fell on the South Plains.

Back to concrete work - N Installing new electrical service
Back to concrete work - W Working on Stem wall forms - SE
Poured East Truck Curb
Finishing East Truck Curb

More concrete work - N Laying out steel for 53' Trailer Parking - W
More concrete work - W Pouring concrete for 28' Trailer Parking - W
Finishing West Trailer Parking strips
Laying out steel for Concrete Approach
Detail of Dock Edge Channel
Pouring & Vibrating Stem Wall
Detail of Anchor Bolts
Curb off main entry looking NW

More concrete work - N Big Projects need Big Tonka Toys
Pulled forms off South Stem Wall
Finished West 53' Trailer Parking
Pouring Concrete Approach
Detail of pour for concrete approach - good slump
Finishing work for concrete approach
Corner Detail of Anchor Bolts
Detail showing Dock Edge Channel

Continue Stem Wall Work - N Gravel Fill
Continue Stem Wall Work - W Starting 53' Trailer Parking On East Side
North Side Stem Wall Steel Layout
Working On East Stem Wall Forms
Detail of South Parking Curb
Detail of Southeast Parking Curb

Pouring Drive - N Begin Pouring Drive
Pouring Drive - W Continuing Pouring Drive
Finishing Surface of Drive
Finishing Last Stem Wall
Detail for Column and Overhead Door Anchor Bolts

Backfilling Stem Wall - N Backfilling Behind Stem Wall
Backfilling Stem Wall - W Compacting Backfill Behind Stem Wall
Build Up of Forklift Ramp
View of Compacted Backfill On Northwest Corner

Utilities Under Slab - N Formation of Forklift Ramp
Utilities Under Slab - W Stub-Ups For Plumbing
Stub-Ups For Electrical

Rain Delay Again

Slab Preparation - N Removing Forms Off of Forklift Ramp
Slab Preparation - W Setting Warehouse Bollards 
Stub-Ups For Plumbing
Grading Fill For Concrete Apron

Finishing Aprons - N Finished East Apron
Finishing Aprons - W Set Bollards Ready For Slab Pour 
Preparation For West Apron
Applying Rubbed Finish

Slab Preparation - N Finished Forklift Ramp
Slab Preparation - W Setting Forms For Handicap Ramp 
Compacting Sand Fill For Slab
Pouring West Concrete Apron

After Slab Poured - N Steel Work For Forklift Landing
After Slab Poured - W Dirt Work For Entry Stair
Finishing Handicap Ramp

Merry Christmas!

Started Steel Erection - N Finished Entry Stair and Handicap Ramp
Started Steel Erection - W Finished Forklift Landing 
Oil Soak For Asphalt Pour
Steel Columns In Place

Continuing Steel Erection - N Steel Framing
Continuing Steel Erection - W

 Happy New Year!

Started Laying Asphalt - N Compacting Asphalt in Passenger Parking Lot
Started Laying Asphalt - W Framing East Overhead Doors 
Framing West Overhead Doors

  Continuing Steel Work - N View of Structural System Looking NE
Continuing Steel Work - W

Continuing Laying Asphalt - N Painted Dock Channel
Continuing Laying Asphalt - W Framing Out Entry Way 
Laying Asphalt
Laying Asphalt - Dump Truck 

Started Hanging Wall Panels - N Hanging West Wall Panels
Started Hanging Wall Panels - W Detail of Rubber Closure and Base Trim 
Hanging Canopy Beam-NW Corner

Continuation of Wall Panels - N Hanging East Wall Panels
Continuation of Wall Panels- W Begin Framing Offices 
Fastening Wall Panel 

Framing Offices - N Offices Framed Out
Framing Offices - W Hanging West Exit Door 
Hanging North Exit Door

Finishing Wall Panels - N Finished Hanging Wall Panels on West Side
Finishing Wall Panels - W Finished Hanging Wall Panels on Front
Finished Hanging Wall Panels on East Side
Begin Hanging Roof Panels

Beginning Roof Panels - N Hanging Roof Panels West Side - Interior View
Beginning Roof Panels - W Hanging Roof Panels East Side - Interior View
Sky Light Installed
Interior Doors and Windows Framed Out
Hanging Roof Panels West Side - Exterior View
Rolling Roof Panel Seams

Finishing Roof Panels - N Front Canopy In Place
Finishing Roof Panels - W Firewall Framed Out
Plumbing Installation
Interior View of All Offices

Started Facia Trim Work - N Building Forms For Front Concrete Sign
Started Facia Trim Work - W Running Electricity to Front Light Poles
Setting Flag Pole Base And Install Facia Trim
Detail of Facia Trim Installation
Adding Supports to Front Canopy
Plumbing Installed Into Each Wall
Begin Installation of Over Head Doors 

Finished Roof Accessories - N Building Sign On Front Facade
Finished Roof Accessories - W Concrete Sign Base Finished
Drainage Channel to Street Complete
Before Roof Ventilators Installed
After Roof Ventilators Installed
Detail of Roof Ventilator Mount
Gutters Installed
Detail of Gutter Mounts
HVAC Unit Installed
Warehouse Fans 

Starting Interior Finish Out - N Flagpole Erected
Starting Interior Finish Out - W Window Molding Installed
Drywall and Ductwork Installed
Plywood and Drywall on Firewall
Light Pole Before Concrete

Continuing Interior Finish Out - N Concrete Forms For Light Pole Base
Continuing Interior Finish Out - W Dock Levelers Installed
Condensing Unit and Gas Line in Place
Tape and Bed Office Drywall
Plywood Installed in Mechanical Room
Break Room Window Framed Out
Terminal Window Installed
Tape and Bed Firewall
Overall View of Firewall - S

Continuing Interior Finish Out - N Entry Way Windows and Doors Finished
Continuing Interior Finish Out - W Offices Painted
Electrical Service Panels Installed

Continuing Interior Finish Out - N Wiring Service Panels
Continuing Interior Finish Out - W Beginning Ceiling Grid Installation
Terminal Mgr. Interior Window Finished
Dispatch Window Finished
Fans Installed in Terminal
Bollards Capped and Welded

Continuing Interior Finish Out - N Trench For Telephone
Continuing Interior Finish Out - W Concrete Sign In Place
Trees Planted and Light Pole Bases Set
Detail of Light Pole Base
Detail of Entry Way Steps
Ceiling Grid Padded Out
Storage Shelves Started
Water Fountain and Wainscot Installed
Plumbing Fixtures Installed
Water Heater and Mop Sink Installed
Finished Window in Dispatch Room
Started Painting Bollards

Continuing Site Work - N Stub-up For Concrete Sign Lighting
Continuing Site Work - W Sprinkler System Installed
Detail of Sprinkler Head
Rubbed Finish Applied to Light Pole Base
Fence Poles Ready to be Set
Fabricating Steel Railing
Begin Handicap Rail
Stairway By Forklift Ramp In Place
Stairway By North Door In Place
Installing Wall Panels For Below Eve Canopy
Finishing Shelving In Dispatch Room
Doors Hung
Installing Floor Outlet

Continuing Interior Finish Out - N Front Fence Poles Ready to be Set
Continuing Interior Finish Out - W Hidden Gutter in Canopy Installed
Floor Tile  Installed
Telephone System Installed
Finished Cabinets In Break Room
Bill Boxes Installed
Dock Lights Installed

Move In Date - N Front Gate Installed
Move In Date - W Curb Poured For Cantilevered Gate 
Pedestrian Gate Installed
Railing Installed On Forklift Ramp and Landing
Exterior Building Lighting Installed
Fencing and Light Poles Installed
Office Furniture Installed
Shelving Cubicles Complete in Dispatch Room
Warehouse Lights and Door Signs In Place

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