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Wash -N- Dry Timeline - 5311 50th Street
Date Site Photos Details
Before - looking East
Before - looking NW

Site Grading - SW
Site Grading - NW

Footing Work - SW
Footing Work - NW

Ready to pour footing - SW Corner Column Anchor Bolts
Ready to pour footing - NW North Mid Column Anchor Bolts
East Foundation Footing
North Foundation Footing
Sewer Line Installation
Coming Soon Sign

Plumbing Rough-in - SW Plumbing Rough-in #1
Plumbing Rough-in - NW Plumbing Rough-in #2

Slab, Drive, and Curb Poured - SW Slab Poured
Slab, Drive, and Curb Poured - NW Curb Poured

Steel Arrives - SW Lint and Sand Trap Detail
Steel Arrives - NW Butler Steel Truck Arrives
Utility Trench
Plumbing Trough

Steel Erected - SW Steel - South Wall
Steel Erected - NW Steel - "X" Bracing Int. West Wall
Steel - Corner Detail
Plumbing Trough Angle Iron

Stud Framing Starts - SW South Wall Steel Framing
Stud Framing Starts - NW South Drive Before Concrete
Water Mains

Special Framing - SW Locating I-Beam for Suspended Wall #1
Special Framing - NW Locating I-Beam for Suspended Wall #2

Roof and Sheathing Begin - SW CMU Veneer Arrives
Roof and Sheathing Begin - NW South Drive Forming
Interior Roof Insulation
North Parapet Wall
South Wall Sheathing
West Wall Framing

Roof almost finished - SW West Wall Framing
Roof almost finished - NW South Drive Poured
Overall Roof
Roof Splices
Roof Parapet
Roof Flashing

Started CMU Veneer - SW CMU veneer corner detail
Started CMU Veneer - NW CMU veneer window opening detail

CMU Veneer - SW CMU veneer leave-out for vent
CMU Veneer - NW CMU veneer - north wall
Stud framing #1
Stud framing #2
Stud framing #3
X-bracing modification
Starting rack plumbing
Rack framing

CMU Veneer 1/4 done - SW Packing trenches
CMU Veneer 1/4 done - NW CMU veneer SW corner
Rack plumbing
Parapet wall
Parapet corner detail

CMU Veneer 1/2 done - SW Interior framing
CMU Veneer 1/2 done - NW Plumbing wall

CMU Veneer 3/4 done - SW Air Conditioning Units installed
CMU Veneer 3/4 done - NW Drywall starts on West wall
Security mesh installed
Drywall solution for X-bracing
Water Tank installation
Water Tank and Boiler installed
Window frames installation
CMU veneer on West wall

Installing Windows - SW Glass installed
Installing Windows - NW Drywall continues
New electrical service

Pole Sign installed & more site work - SW Filling trenches
Pole Sign installed & more site work - NW Forming building sidewalks
Forming south sidewalks
New Pole sign & north sidewalks
Rear CMU veneer wall finished
Rear parapet CMU veneer
Drywall tape & bed

Property line curb - SW HC accessible route
Property line curb - NW Sliding door installed
Troweling property line curb 
Condenser units installed
Bathroom tile installed

Equipment arrives - SW Light poles poured
Equipment arrives - NW Getting ready for paint
Ducts arrive
Entry doors installed
Racks placed
Rear concrete

Painting - SW Ceiling fans hung
Painting - NW Plumbing fixtures installed
Stack dryers installed
Duct work installed & Doors painted

Getting ready for paving and landscaping - SW Duct work for stack dryers #1
Getting ready for paving and landscaping - NW Duct work for stack dryers #2
Duct work for stack dryers #3
Duct work for stack dryers #4
Interior view of equipment
VTM & Soap machines installed

Paving and landscaping - SW Paving on South side parking lot
Paving and landscaping - NW Landscaping on North side
Tile work in main area
Laying tile

Paving and landscaping completed - SW Bill changer and tile base installed
Paving and landscaping completed - NW Cap trim installed
West wall painted
CMU flower bed started

Striping and Canopy - SW More washers arrive
Striping and Canopy - NW Folding tables

East Canopy and Handicap Striping
Fire dampered ducts installed
Duct Screen installed
Stainless trim installed
Stainless racks installed

Cleanup - SW Electrician's Ashtray
Cleanup - NW Address signage

Dryer Ductwork with lighting

Finished - SW Exterior View #1
Finished - NW Exterior View #2

Interior View #1 - Stack Dryers
Interior View #2 - Washers
Interior View #3 - Vending
Interior View #4 - Washers

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