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Santa Fe Park - Lot 32 Rendering

Santa Fe Park - Lot 32

Site Photos



Carpet installed in bullpen Carpet installed in offices Island millwork Installed large cabinetry Installed cabinets Installed large cabinetry Installed millwork Sink installed Sinks installed Disconnect installed for tenant equipment Network rack installed Doors installed Doors installed Emergency eyewash/shower station

Cabinets continued/doors installed


Seamless vinyl flooring continued Seamless vinyl flooring continued Cabinet islands/countertops Installed cabinets/countertops Installed cabinets/countertops Installed cabinets/countertops Installed cabinets/countertops Floor sinks installed ERV installed Toilets installed

Cabinet installation continued


ERV delivered Beginning installation of seamless vinyl flooring Laying out cabinets @ their locations Laying out cabinets @ their locations Restroom partitions partitions Handicap grab bars installed Restroom mirrors installed Installed emergency exit lighting Installed emergency exit lighting Installed recess can lighting in conference room

Misc. details


Monument sign pole Concrete base for monument sign Ceiling tile installed Ceiling tile installed Ceiling tile installed Ceiling tile installed Grow lights installed Thermostats installed Millwork delivered

Sod/Ceiling tile installed


SE view of landscaping area S view of Landscape area Landscape island Air condensors installed Air condensors installed Lighting/air diffusers/ceiling grid installedLighting/air diffusers/ceiling grid installed Lighting/air diffusers/ceiling grid installed Lighting/air diffusers/ceiling grid installed Sinks/urinal installed in men's restroom Sinks installed in women's restroom Access hatch installed

Landscaping/Ceiling grid installed


Concrete paving @ NW corner of property Concrete paving @ N of property Expansion joint @ NW of property Painted main entry hallway Painted drywall/routed network cable Installed second access ladder Wall tile in women's restroom completed Wall tile in men's restroom completed Routed network cable Painted accent walls Painted accent walls/installed cabinets in breakroom

Completed concrete paving/interior walls painted


Concrete paving installed @ SW of property Concrete paving installed @ S of property Concrete paving installed @ E of property Access ladder installed Primer on drywall @ offices Primer @ tentant build out

Beginning concrete paving/primer walls


Overall SW view Canopies installed @ entries Canopies installed @ entries Drywall taped/mudded for primer Drywall at main hallway Drywall ceiling/insulation installed Plywood blocking for sink/equipment Drywall taped/mudded for primer Tile @ women's restroom Tile @ men's restroom NE view of building Gutters/downspouts installed Installtion of overhead doors Gas riser Exterior wall pack lighting installed

Misc. details


Plywood blocking Electrical panels for tenant installed Main electrical conduits for panels Installed glass front entry Installed glass front entry Steel railing for light protection Steel railing detail Blocking

Installed entry glass/beginning drywall & blocking


Windows installed Personal. on W side of building installed Installation of backer rods Poured handicap access ramp Parking landscape area poured Begining installation of firewall Blocking in wall for cabinets HVAC duct work HVAC duct work HVAC duct work Light switch

Misc. details


SW view of painted building Building address mounted E view of building Form work on W side of building for sidewalk Sidewalk @ S of building Window frames installled Painted bollards @ N of building Poured transformer pad Installed CT cabinet Plywood walls @ electrical room Set roof panels Decked area for HVAC units Plumbing/carriers for restroom lavatories Started installing electrical outlets

Misc. details



 Weather day #10.5



Half weather day #9.5 


Framing for firewall Bracing for firewall Temporary supports for stud walls Tenant main hallway Tenant offices Door frames delivered Overall view of framing Stud track @ floor penatrations Stud framing around windows Stud walls @ electrical room Bollards @ N of building Bollards @ transformer location

Beginning metal stud framing 



Weather day #9 



Weather day #8


Exposing under slab utilities Exposing under slab utilities Exposing under slab utilities

Finishing roof purlins and X-bracing



Erecting main structural steel frames


SW view of lifted panels Rebar for stablizing base of panels Layed out structural steel. Layed out structural steel. Marketing sign

Stabilizing panels/getting ready for steel 


Rain delay-13th

Weather day #7


Panels lifted into place @ N side of building Lifting panel #12 into place

Completed lifting panels


Lifting panel #11 Lifted panels 11-8 S & W panels lifted into place Inside view panel bracing @ the S panels

Started lifting panels


Rain delay-10th

Weather day #6


Weld plates on poured panels Forming between panels Corner weld plates on panels Lift insert detail Rustication turnbacks on the side of panel #1 Steel angles @ all overhead doors

Poured panels with brace anchors attached


Windy/Dust storm

Weather day #5


 Poured panels @ S of slab Poured panels @ SW corner of slab Poured concrete @ window

Poured concrete for wall panels


Setting rebar/lift inserts/weld plates/brace inserts for panels


SW view of property Panel rustications Panel rustications Panel rustications @ window

Setting panel rustications


SW view of property Set forms for pouring panels Set forms for pouring panels Set forms for windows Set forms for louver vents Set forms for doors

Setting forms for pouring concrete


SW view of property Set bracing for forms Set bracing for forms Forms for doors/windows Grass @ S Landscaping area

Setting form bracing



Weather day #4



Weather day #3



Weather day #2


Windy/Dust storm

Weather day #1


SW view of property Cut joints in slab Poured slab around anchor bolts

Poured slab


Plumbing stub-ups before pouring of slab Spreading of concrete for slab Concrete laser screed Finishing of slab edges Poured slab @ W of builiding slab Poured slab around column anchor bolts

Pouring of slab


Tieing rebar mesh for slab/Vapor barrier installed Rebar hairpins/Vapor barrier @ footing Rebar mesh/Vapor barrier @ W of slab Bent rebar hairpin detail @ all footings Vapor barrier/Sealed @ floor sinks & plumbing stub-ups Temp. rebar chairs

Installation of vapor barrier/Rebar mesh for slab installed


SW view of property Backfilled plumbing trenches Backfilling of electrical trenches Cut rebar for slab mesh

Back filling of plumbing/electrical trenches


E view of property N view of property NW view of site Plumbing trench Plumbing stub-ups Plumbing stub-ups @ restrooms Plumbing stub-ups Landscaping boulder on W of site Landscaping boulder @ SW corner Landscaping boulders @ S of property

Stub-ups for pluming fixtures


Grass seed & landscaping bark installedStub-ups for future transformerHandicap ramp @ SW corner of property

Misc. site details


Landscaping metal edgingLandscaping metal edgingLandscaping metal edgingInstallation of sprinkler systemSetting of slab forms

Setting of slab forms

Landscaping rings/Setting of slab forms


Overall NE view of sitePoured Concrete @ W drivePoured concrete @ SE drivePouring of concrete @ sidewalkConcrete bases for site lighting

Trench for building/column footingsColumn footingBuilding footingRebar mesh for footings

Pouring of drives/Digging of footing trench


Forms for handicap rampForms & rebar for W drive Forms & rebar for SE driveForms for landscaping areaStarted pouring curb & gutter

Set 10' offsets for building corners

Setting forms for drives/handicap ramp


Rain delay-14th

1.55 Inches


Rain delay-12th

1.39 Inches


Rain delay-05th

0.70 Inches


NE view of siteHandicap ramp @ SW cornerForms for W curb & gutterGrading of W driveCurb & gutter forms @ S of property

Forms for Curb/Gutter & sidewalks


NE view of overall site Temporary power to site E view NE view Grading @ S sidewalk Marking of fiber line

Beginning grading of site


Begining clearing of site Begining clearing of site Steel delivered

Beginning clearing of site

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