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Latest photo

Ferguson Enterprises Building at 6002 42nd Street
Date Site Photos Details
Scrapping the site - SE

Day of the 4"-6" snow
Day after the snow
Finished with the building pad
  Rain delay - still raining on the 15th
Trying to dry up 6.73" for the month of November.

Perimeter leave-out slab forms set
Coming Soon sign placed
Trenching for water & sewer Butler Steel arrives
Misc. steel & joists  Misc. steel & roof panels
Looking NE Tying rebar for slab
Looking NW Close-up of rebar mats
Plumbing rough-in
Footing bearing tested out at over 4000 psf! Digging column footings
Silt screen for SWPPP compliance Preparing main column footings
Site grading Main column footing with block out
Preparing stub ups for slab Beginning rebar layout for slab
Slab rebar in place Stub ups ready for slab pour
Rebar through forms at pour strip
Pouring the slab starting at midnight Sunday
Finishing the slab on Monday
Saw cutting and covering the slab Monday night
Finished covered slab

Rain delay through the 6th
Rain delay through the 31st

   Snow delay
Rain delay through the 12th
Forms for panels in place
Panel at main entry
Detail at window/door corners
Rain delay through the 21st
Working on Sewer down future 42nd Street
Setting the Fire Sprinkler Main on the North
Setting rebar, anchors, weld plates, & lifting inserts
Rain delay through the 27th

Rain delay through the 6th
Finished with the panels, ready to pour concrete.
Finished sewer lines, put in fire hydrants, staked c&g.
Pouring and finishing the tilt-wall panels.
Snow delay - 2"
Perimeter Footings excavated and rebar installed

Perimeter Footings & HVAC slab poured
Finishing up installing water taps
Past 2 days, winds have hit 55mph!
First day of tilting panels
Looking North from cul-de-sac
Setting panel #16 down on dropped footing Second day of tilting panels
Completed North & West walls
North wall finished Setting last panel Last day of tilting panels
Looking North from 45th street Looking North from 43rd street Looking North from cul-de-sac Looking West from West Loop 289
East wall primed for paint Priming West wall
Priming mezzanine structure Preparing to pour leave out strip
Building structure looking SW Building structure looking SE
Attaching building structure to South wall Detail at main beam
Detail at end of joist Detail at building corner

Rain delay through the 7th
Exterior Painting
Interior Structural
Electrical Service installed
Rain - 1.30"
Grading Site
Sewer line trenched for showroom Sewerline passing under footing Trench for gas line Trenching utilities to building
Beginning roofing & pouring slab leave out
Rain delay

Window framing being installed
Column leave-outs poured Plumbing stubs uncovered A/C lines in pour strip Int. Bollards located in pour strip Conc. stoop poured at West fire exit Cleaning slab and continuing roof Misc. concrete details
Truck well side walls poured and gas stub up
Rain delay
Installing Ext. Glass
Mezzanine struct & office framing started, roof halfway
Mech. dock leveler details & ready for truck well slab
Dock canopies and NW stoop installed
Rain delay
Exterior Views
Placing Bollards and Light standards
Setting North fencing and Pouring concrete truck yard
Roofing and setting fire sprinkler pipe
Looking SE at Mezzanine Structural Looking NW at Showroom Bracing at Mezzanine Stairwell Looking S at Office Framing Inside Express Parts Looking SW Typical Office Door frame Stud Framing and Structural
Poured East parking lot
Light pole base and dock levelers in place
Mezzanine structure w/ decking in place Wall between showroom & warehouse receiving drywall Continued framing and structural
Sprinkler pipe in showroom Sprinkler pipe in office area Setting fire sprinkler pipe & restroom plumbing
Opening through mezzanine for stair Bottom of stair unit Electrical panels in place & beginning stair construction
West curb of parking lot Saw cutting joints Gas line into building Poured South parking lot
Window & Door frame #102D installed North Express Parts wall framed & Door frame #114B installed West Express Parts wall framed w/ plywood & Door frame #114D installed View of mezzanine from warehouse Mezzanine bridging installed Interior mezzanine stair installed Framing & Structural for mezzanine
Room #107 Room #106 Room #105 Begin hanging drywall in offices
Room #104 Conference Room #103 SE view - Room #110 NW view - Room #110 Begin hanging drywall in offices
NW view - Room #112 SW view - Room #113 Connection at hallway water fountain Cut concrete for electrical line trench in showroom Plumbing & Trenching
Railing for South wall of truck well Railing for North wall of truck well Poured sidewalk in front of building
Finishing mezzanine surface Railing at opening through mezzanine installed Poured concrete on mezzanine
SE view - Room #102 SW view - Room #102 NW view - Room #106 SE view - Room #106 NE view - Room #105 Continued hanging drywall in offices
SE view - Room #105 NW view - Room #104 SE view - Room #104 NW view - Conference Room #103 SE view - Conference Room #103 Continued hanging drywall in offices
Finish detail at window mull NW view - Room #110 SE view - Room #110 NW view - Room #112 SE view - Room #112 Continued hanging drywall in offices
Gutters to electrical panels installed Overhead doors being installed West view at end of truck well Plumbing, electrical, & overhead doors installed

East drive West drive Flagpoles installed  Begin CMU fence on East property line Finished drives & parking lots
All exterior doors installed SW view inside Showroom NE view inside Showroom Plumbing for working kitchen installed Hanging drywall in Showroom 
Drywall in stairwell NW view inside Express Parts Finishing drywall in offices & Express Parts
Running conduit to electrical panels Mezzanine railing installed Wall to deck above mezzanine Mezzanine railing and wall to deck
Warehouse lighting installed Main valve for fire suppression system Electrical panel for Showroom Warehouse area
Grading begins on Iola Avenue Grading begins on Ironton Avenue Overall cmu fence Site work & road construction
Looking down cmu fence line Detail view of mechanical louver vents from outside Beginning stairs in truck well CMU fence & exterior building details
Wall vinyl installed in offices Drywall hung and prepped for paint in showroom Finished drywall and plumbing at Express Parts restroom Finish out in offices & Express Parts
Door frame for door #114C installed and drywall hung Ductwork prepped for install Plenums built & HVAC units prepped for install Preparing to install HVAC components
Mechanical louver vents & heater units installed Mechanical louver vents w/ fans & heater units installed Plumbing to fire sprinkler system connected to main gate valve Louver vents & fire sprinkler system
Finish grading new 42nd Street Exterior building, new street, offices, & showroom
Floor & wall tile installed Closet door frame installed Handrail being installed Express Parts
Prepping warehouse floor for sealer Prepping warehouse floor for sealer Mezzanine & warehouse
Exterior Panorama
Ceiling in place in Sales area Toilet partitions and counter installed in restrooms Finishing offices
Walls framed in showroom Showroom & Express Parts
Exterior mezzanine stairway Office doors ready for installation Using truckwell Warehouse

42nd Street prepped for curbs Exterior views & site work
Installing office furniture Shelving in Express Parts Express Parts counter Office & Express Parts
Building soffits in kitchen area Showroom
Rack system looking NNE Rack system looking NW Warehouse
Curbs in place in new 42nd Street  Exterior views & site work
Office furniture installed Shelving in Express Parts   Office & Express Parts
Working kitchen Non-Working kitchen Laundry   Showroom
Safety lift gate installed   Mezzanine & warehouse
Northern View Main Entry Northwest View   Completion photos

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