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3d Photographic Rendering

City Bank Branch at Milwaukee

Site Photos



Ribbon cutting ceremony


SE elevation SE elevation Front landscaping Completed drive-thru Overall completed lobby Interior furniture Completed check/computer stand Completed coffee bar Completed seating area Complete employee breakroom

Completed City Bank Branch


Wood/carpet flooring installed @ main lobby area Installed carpet in lobby area Transition from tile to wood floor @ teller counter Partitions installed in restrooms Partitions installed in restrooms Alarm system keypad installed Employee punch code pad installed @ teller entry

Installed flooring


Completed doors on dumpster enclosure Completed doors @ transformer pad Directional arrows painted Directional arrows painted Directional arrows painted

Finished site enclosures/parking & drives marked


Main entry landscaping Main entry/flag pole lighting Landscaping @ SW of property Lay-down curb for handicap access Landscaping @ SE of property drive-thru lay-in ceiling completed Security cameras installed View of teller counter from main lobby area Security cameras installed Security cameras installed

Misc. exterior details


Overall SE elevation Installed flag pole Light poles installed Building of canopies Decorative stone vases  Canopies continued Lane open/closed lights installed Boulders for landscaping Post holes for guard rail ATM Ceiling tile for drive-thru canopy   

Misc. exterior details

Laying in ceiling tile in main lobby Ceiling tile place in hall way Painted trim work Installation of granite counter tops at teller counter Granite counter top @ coffee bar Granite @ teller areas

Lay-in ceiling & granite counter tops


SE view of new signage Signage @ E side of drive-thru W view of signage Completed vacuume tubing installation

Installation of exterior signage


Interior vacuum tubing installed Individual teller safes/furniture installed Second safe installed Breakroom sink basin installed Wood doors installed @ all offices Fire exit signs installed @ both main & employee entries

Misc. Interior details


Brick work complete @ drive-thru columns Bick work detail @ drive-thru columns Blower motors @ drive-thru canopy Recessed can lighting above check/internet stand Recessed can lighting above coffee bar All thermostats installed Drive-thru Vaccuum tubing Emergency wall pack installed

Misc. details


Concrete paving/islands for landscaping Handicap access ramp Rebar for light pole bases Planted trees Sheathing for drive-thru columns Drive-thru brick for stone base Completed stone base @ drive-thru column 

Misc. exterior details

Lighting installed in main lobby Check/internet stand placed Coffee bar placed

Woodwork continued


Stone caps for dumpster screening wall Stone caps for transfomer/HVAC screening wall Front of teller counter Doors installed on cabinets

Misc. details


Completed stone work @ main entry Stone header detail Concrete paving @ E of building Poured dive-thru islands & bollards Started transfomer/HVAC screening wall 

Misc. exterior details

Wood trim around office doors & windows Woodwork behind teller counter Woodwork @ teller counter



Stone return detail @ vestibule entry header Concrete paving on W side of site Curb & gutter for landscaping area on NW corner of building Knockouts for bollards @ drive-thru Notch in curb & gutter for downspout boot

Misc. exterior details


Finished brick/stone work on E elevation Brick/stone work @ drive-thru Installed teller windows Installed night depository Transformer & pad @ W elevation Concrete paving @ NW of site Post holes for guard rail

Misc. exterior details

Painted vestibule Main lobby painted Offices painted

Painted interior


SE view Continued stone work @ main entry S brickwork Stone caps W brickwork Soldier course @ teller window

Continued stone/brick work

Overall drywall Drywall @ offices Drywall @ night depository Drywall furr outs @ columns Plywood & electrical panels Plywood in restrooms Cut outs in drywall for restroom lighting

Misc. interior details


Base stone detail @ corner of vestibule E brick work NE brick work Brick detail @ teller window W brick work Drywall @ offices Drywall @ teller window

Brickwork/started drywall


Front doors & window installed on vestibule Started installation of brick on S side Started installation of brick on E side Installtion of base stone on N side Base stone detail @ transaction drawer Base stone detail @ night depository Spray insulation of exterior walls Spray insulation of exterior walls

Continued base stone/insulated exterior walls


SW view of base stone installation Base stone detail Base stone detail Base stone corner detail Base stone E side Personnel door installed-exterior Personnel door installed-interior

Started installation of stone/personnel door


SW view showing completed shiner course brick for stone Windows installed Structural members installed for canopies Connection detail for personnel door canopy Upper tie-rod eye bolts for canopies installed Installation of gutters @ N of building & drive-thru Gutters @ N of building  Shiner course brick detail @ teller window & night depository

Installation of windows & shiner course  brick 


Utility stub-ups Electrical for transformer Sprinkler system on W side of site. Cabling runs for network Pluming for demand use W/H Sink hangers for restrooms

Plumbing/Utility details


Vestibule wrapped in Tyvek Vestibule roof blow-up detail Fresh air grille on W side of building Trenching sleeves for sprinkler system Trenching sleeves for sprinkler system

Vestibule/trenching for sprinkler system


SW view of vestibule roof work Mounted galvanized steel lintel for stone above main entry Installation of air handlers Installation of air handlers Main trunk lines for HVAC ductwork

Vestibule roof work/HVAC  duct work


Started roof structurals @ vestibule South elevation of vestibule Galvanized header for vestibule Roof structurals @ vestibule N elevation Water meter & valve boxes Completed teller line framing Electrical installed in offices Fur-out framing @ all columns Plywood decking for HVAC

Vestibule & interior details


Beginning construction of vestibule & Tyvek wrap Beginning construction of vestibule & Tyvek wrap Structural system @ N end of drive-thru Leave-outs for VAT tubing Ceiling structural @ drive-thru Interior stud walls @ offices Suspended stud wall @ teller line Interior stud walls @ branch manager's office Interior stud walls @ night drop

Started vestibule/interior metal stud walls


SW view w/ sheathing & studs SE view w/ sheathing & studs E view of Butler structure @ drive-thru canopy N view of Butler structure @ drive-thru canopy Started installation of roof panels @ drive-thru canopy NW view of Butler structural system Butler structural system @ main entry X-Bracing for roof Framed roughed openings for windows and personnel door Metal framing for personnel door Wood framing @ exterior windows Cast stone Cast stone

Butler structure/ exterior metal studs


Gas Line Stub-ups @ NE corner of building Stub-ups for water and sewer lines Stub-ups for restrooms Poured concrete pad for dumpster Poured drive-thru footings

Stub-ups/Utilities placed in trenches


Poured footings 


Poured SW drive Poured SE drive/Saw tooth curb SE curb Setting of forms for footings/slab Setting of forms for footings/slab Setting of forms/rebar for vestibule Setting of anchor bolts Setting of anchor bolts Rebar @ drive-thru columns Rebar for slab

Pouring of curb & gutter/setting of forms & anchor bolts for slab


Leveling of site/setting of building corners

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