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SPEC Building at 4319 Huron
Date Site Photos Details
Started Grading & curb forming - SE

SE Overall View Setting Slab rebar looking NE
NE Overall View Column footing & anchor bolts
Trench for electrical service

Forming up tilt-wall panels Pouring concrete panels
Detail of a lifting insert Finishing concrete panels
Detail of a bracing insert Finished look

SE Overall View Started pouring rear walls - Looking S
NE Overall View Started pouring rear walls - Looking W

Lifting Preparation - SE Finished drives and continuing dirt work
Lifting Preparation - NE Shim packs in place and end of panels marked
Wall bracing in place
Detail of wall bracing connection
Crane attached to lift inserts
Detail of lift insert connection

Lift Day - SE Lifting first panel
Lift Day - NE Setting first panel in place
Anchoring wall braces to slab
Detail of wall panel sitting on shim packs
Lifting largest panel
Setting largest panel
Completed front wall
Detail of recessed arc
Wall bracing in place

 Steel Preparation Assembly of delta joists
Pre-assembled delta joists
Clip angle for roof beam
Ledger angle in place
Detail of ledger angle
Detail of low side eave and delta joist end seat

Beginning Steel Erection - SE Interior column erected
Beginning Steel Erection - NE Detail of column bolted in place
Delta joists ready for erection

Continuing Steel Erection - SE Installation of delta joists
Roof system - Interior view looking south
Roof system - Interior view looking north

Continuing Steel Erection - SE Roof-to-wall connection
Continuing Steel Erection - NE Detail of roof-to-wall connection
Delta joists and truss purlins in place
Roof panel installation
Interior view of roof
Detail of angle bolted in panel corner
Electricity transformer installed
Beginning application of paint primer

Finishing Steel Erection - SE Roof system in place
Finishing Steel Erection - NE Installation of gutter system
Detail of gutter at building corner
Detail of downspout

Continuing Painting - SE View of South wall
Continuing Painting - NE View of East wall
View of North wall
Door mullions in place
Detail of paint at reveal intersection

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