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Latest photo

Goodman Distribution at 4202 Iola Avenue
Date Site Photos Details
  NW - Overall View   Begin Site Grading
  SW - Overall View

Finished with the building pad

NW - Overall View Slab formed and rebar in place Continuous perimeter footing Spot footings for interior columns Plumbing stub ups in offices   Preparing to pour slab
Main water stub up NW concrete drive SE concrete drive ADA ramp at street Trees in landscape area Site & landscaping details

Slab poured Key joint at leavout & rebar through leavout Filling and caulking saw cut joints Slab poured
Light pole base installed Dirt to finish grade & grass planted Landscaping details

Laying out main runs for form bracing Applying wood forms to bracing.   Begin forming wall panels
Close-up at base of tree Close-up of light pole base   Forming panels & landscaping/site details

  Landscaping and curb & gutter
  Forming 2x perimeter forms

NW - Overall View
Forming 2x interior forms
Cutting & organizing the rebar
Sprinkler Mains installed
Butler Steel arrived

Setting Rustications and chamfers

Setting rebar for panels
Forming details
Landscaping starting to fill in

Embed plates for main beams
More rebar and other inserts
 Lifting insert Brace anchor Embed plate Lifting inserts, brace anchors, & embed plates

Main panels poured
Landscaping looking good

First day of tilting panels
Continued tilting - first day

Second day of tilting panels
Last panel placed

Overall view looking SW Forming sidewalk Compacting subgrade Grinding chamfers Detail of grinding off saw cut joints from slab Pea gravel poured under panels Wet sanding slab Hover over thumbnail for description

Sidewalk construction
      Drilling and setting anchor bolts

Rain delay 28th Total rainfall for July:.62"

Priming of building
Final grading prior to paving

Rain delay 13th-16th

  Tied rebar in pour strip
Poured South end paving
Roof framing and bridging 

Rain delay 21st Total rainfall for August:1.51"

  Digging of  truck well 
Layout of sprinkler system
Roof panel construction 50% complete

Forming of truck well
Painting of exterior

Rain delay 1st-4th

Construction of interior walls

Rain delay 10th-12th Total rainfall for September:4.87"

  Finished truck well railing 
  Tape and mud completed on fire wall
Finished sprinkler system and lighting in warehouse

  Exterior painting
   Tenant finish out

  Exterior painting
  West paving completed
  Finished warehouse area

Rain delay 8th-10th

Rain delay 15th

Tenant signage 

Grand opening! Canopy installed Telephone service completed Grand opening!

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